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About Powerd.

Powerd is a new media platform, aiming to showcase Australia's amazing range of quality content by and for people with a disability. 

Powerd is disability-led.  We aim to create a media ecosystem to amplify the voices of people with disability, tell authentic stories and be a trusted source of news, information and entertainment. We’re also keen to create employment pathways to increase representation of people with disability in Australian media.

Initially funded by a Department of Social Services grant, Powerd seeks to:

  • Fill a gap in the media by and for people with a disability.
  • Support the community broadcasting sector to play an important role in developing career pathways for people with disability in the media industry
  • Create internship programs and support employers to be accessible, supporting workplaces for people with disability.
  • Increase representation of disability in media; improve how disability is portrayed, leading to improved community attitudes towards people with disability in line with Australia’s Disability Strategy.
  • Maximise employment of people with disability in our activities and create pathways for employment for people with disability in media.
Bright green audio levels of varying heights

Powerd is a collaboration between Disability Media Australia (formerly RPH Australia) and the Community Broadcasting Association Australia (CBAA).  The Radio Reading Network provides a reading service of popular publications throughout Australia for people with a print disability. It consists of 19 AM/FM radio services nationally, and 10 digital radio services across Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The word Powerd in bright green letters. The O in Powerd is not represented by the letter, but by the Powerd audio icon, a green dot with white half circles on the left and right.

This platform has been years in the making. It’s drawn on the personal experiences of Australians living with disability, and many others living and working with them.