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About Powerd.

Welcome to Powerd Media, a media platform created by and for people with disabilities. We are an initiative of Disability Media Australia and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, driven by our commitment to amplify the voices and stories of the disability community.

At Powerd Media, we recognise that societal barriers and attitudes, rather than individual impairments, are the primary obstacles faced by people with disabilities. We believe in the inherent dignity, rights, and potential of every individual, and we are dedicated to fostering a society where everyone can truly belong.

Our platform is a dynamic space where you can find a rich variety of content, including podcasts, documentaries, stories from the community, and news articles from our dedicated journalist in Canberra.

Bright green audio levels of varying heights

Sharing authentic stories of disability, told in our voices, drives society forward on the path to inclusion.

Join us in our mission to transform the narrative around disability. Together, we can celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and make a meaningful impact. Welcome to Powerd Media, where every story matters.

The word Powerd in bright green letters. The O in Powerd is not represented by the letter, but by the Powerd audio icon, a green dot with white half circles on the left and right.