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Perspective Shift: documentary series.

Perspective Shift offers real stories of people with disability told by people with disability. Each 30-minute episode focuses on one person excelling in their field, exploring their craft and perspective on life.

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An image of Daniel, a featured person in the Perspective Shift series. He is looking to his left and slightly above the camera

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Featured podcast: RTR Breaking Sound Barriers

A woman in a wheelchair, sitting on the verandah looking directly at the camera thoughtfully.
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Catch the latest videos and stories from people with disability

Powerd partners with leading content producers in the community—from all around Australia—to share authentic stories of disability. Sharing these stories drives society forward on the path to inclusion.

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Video Podcast series


Writer/comedian Ashley Apap is above all things, a cheeky little minx. Driven by her love of fun and silliness, Scamp is a colourful and surprising joyride that welcomes its special guests to reveal their most mischievous moments.

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Ashley Apap (a woman with brown hair, olive skin wearing colourful clothes) is on a green couch and holding the red handset of a crocheted phone to her head.  Scamp shows the sets' pink and green coloured wall, and a big flag that reads "Scamp".

Talking Tech

A woman recording a podcast talking into a microphone
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Live stream: hear from the community

The Radio Reading Network broadcasts specialist programming and information for people with a print disability. You can listen right now, and any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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