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Introducing... Emma Myers.

Emma Myers, a white woman, is sitting at her desk in the Powerd Canberra office.
Powerd Team

Jun 6, 2024

Emma Myers has started as the sector’s first Disability Rights and Political Reporter. The thirty-year old from Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley is based in the Federal Press Gallery working alongside Community Radio Political Reporter, Noah Secomb. She had just returned from a first meeting with colleagues at Canberra’s station in the Radio Reading Network, 1RPH, as she reflected on her role: “I always say that disability is the only minority that you can become a part of… and being a reporter with a disability allows me to report from a professional and personal background”.

Emma previously worked with the ABC but also as a screen writer and co-creator of the SBS series of short dramas Latecomers: “It was about essentially being in your late twenties, having cerebral palsy, and just wanting to get out and explore the world, but specifically explore non-platonic relationships”. She says her new role is enabling her to develop her life personally and professionally: “This job means the world to me. It's not only given me full time employment, it's also given me an entirely new life. Not long ago, I was living with my parents… this job has forced me to move out on my own.”

A wide angle photo of Parliament House in Canberra, Australia

Driven on by a desire to share stories of social justice, she appreciates the potential of telling such stories by being based alongside decision shapers in Parliament House:

“I guess I just want to elevate people with disability while in this job and while I have access to the top changemakers and leaders in the country.” She’s aware of the access her position provides her with: “Not many people can say that about their job. And that's an aspect of this job that was really, really enticing, if not slightly terrifying” she adds with a smile.

Her presence can also support some of the great work that is already going on amongst stations focussed on serving people with disability in the community radio sector.

Maryanne Gore from the Radio 1RPH special projects group was quick to see the potential of this new role: “I am really excited to have met Emma today and thank she can be a great conduit for pushing disability reform in Australia”

But alongside the serious side of her job in the capital city, Emma is also also looking forward to getting out and enjoying what the city has to offer: “ I haven't had the chance to explore the galleries. I am really looking forward to going to the National Portrait Gallery. I love artworks and particularly portraits.”

Her passion for the arts and desire to push the rights of those living with disability conflate when she shares who she would most like to interview in her new role: “I would love to interview Arts Minister, Tony Burke, but also of course Bill Shorten (Minister in charge of the National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Update: Emma has interviewed Bill Shorten. You can listen to the interview and read the transcript here.